7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Ubud

Ubud has year-round sunshine, endless food options, captivating sceneries, and exclusive resorts. What’s not to love? It wouldn’t be a surprise if some of these were the same reasons why you’re eyeing this place as your next travel destination.

But are you truly prepared to immerse yourself in a holiday getaway in Ubud?

Be it to check out the off the beaten track of Ubud or just do an Eat, Pray, Love tour, this post will make planning your adventure easier. Below are 7 things other blog posts might not have told you about Ubud.

Taste most expensive drinkable poop

When in Ubud, be sure to visit the Luwak coffee farm. They serve the most expensive coffee in the world that is made out of a cat poop. This coffee is more commonly known as kopi luwak or Bali jungle cat poop coffee. This drink comes with partly digested coffee cherries that were eaten and defecated by Asian palm civet. The production process of it is what makes the coffee so special. After eating the cherries, the partially digested beans will be expelled in clumps through the defecation process. The beans are then harvested, washed, and roasted. The price for every cup is IDR 50,000 or 5 USD.

 Tons of accommodation options from the cheapest to the most luxurious

It’s easier to enjoy the off the beaten track of Ubud or the most touristy spots of this town when you find a hotel that fits your needs and taste.

Despite being one of the most visited town in Asia, there are still some very reasonably priced accommodations to stay in Ubud. You have a wide array of options, including bed and breakfast, traditional homestay, local hotels, family temples, and backpacker’s rooms. Here are some of the most recommended places to consider when staying in Ubud:

FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa  – wouldn’t it be nice if you can enjoy relaxing swim or a therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own villa? Good thing FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa offers you these conveniences. Located amidst the beautiful rice paddies in Banjar Bindu, this resort is an ideal venue to soak all your anxiety away. Price per night starts at IDR 2,300,000 or USD 176.

Tegal Sari  – located in Padang Tegal Ubud, Tegal Sari allows you to be just minutes away from central Ubud. It has also received tons of positive reviews in TripAdvisor for their outstanding services, quaint ambiance, and value for money. Rate per night is only IDR 330,000 or USD 25.

 Save thousands of dollars by renting a motorbike

Renting a car in Ubud will cost you around IDR 3,200,000 or USD 250 per month, while renting a motorbike will only cost IDR 650,000 or USD 50 per month. That’s a huge difference! If you have a license, know how to drive a motorbike, and are planning to save on transport, the best option you have is to rent a motorbike. This is also ideal if you are planning to go on a do-it-yourself tour in town. Plus, you get to enjoy the uninterrupted views of Ubud on your way to the island’s best tourist destinations.

 Witness festivals or ceremonies, regardless of the date of your visit

Balinese culture and religion are thriving in Ubud.  You don’t have to pick a season to witness their most vibrant festivities. Full moon rituals, celebrating the birth of a God, observing the daily practices at temples – the list goes on for the must-see practices happening in this town. All you have to do is visit the Bali Denpasar Tourism website to know the schedules of the events.

Watch your own jewelry being crafted

Have you always wondered how the most intricate jewelry designs are being done? You can have your answers when you visit the John Hardy workshop in Ubud. This place welcomes visitors to watch their local artisans prepare and create traditional jewelry for you. John Hardy workshop is open from 8:30AM to 4:30 PM from Monday to Friday, and 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.

 Visit Bali’s very own Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

Just an hour away from the center of Ubud, you’ll find Bali’s very own Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. This factory was created by no other than… Charlie  – a U.S. expat who has been living in Bali for 15 years. The unassuming building also presents a wide array of chocolates including, organic dark chocolates and sweet chocolate bars.

Shower under the stars

If an eco retreat is what you’ve come to enjoy in Ubud, then be sure to visit Bambu Indah in Banjar Badung. This place used to be Javanese bridal homes restored to become a boutique hotel with tropical gardens and natural swimming pools.  They have a shrimp house with a glass floor, where you can directly see the shrimp pond below. It even has an outdoor bathroom where you can shower under the stars. Rate per night starts at IDR 150,000,000 or USD 120.

Selecting a water filter for Backcountry use

If you are going on a Backcountry trip it is imperative that you have access to clean water. Without having a plan for hydration in place you are putting your life in danger. In this article, I will go through the different option available to you so that you do not come into any difficulty.

Humans require around two liters per day of clean water when outdoors to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, many water sources are polluted which makes them very dangerous to drink. Many water supplies are contaminated by things such as poor sanitation, animals, livestock which means you will need a water filter so that it is safe to drink.

Taking large amounts of bottled water is not a viable option for long trips in the Backcountry. The only option is to use a water filter so that it is safe to consume. Just because the water looks like it is clean does not mean it is as there are many dangerous microscopic bacteria that can seriously damage your health or even kill you.

Types of Water Filter Systems

There are two main types of water filter to help make water clean and safe to consume. These are water purifiers and water filters. Below are the most popular system used.

Water Filters

Water filters make sure that the water is not only debris and sediment free but are also able to filter out bacteria and protozoa. The best ones come with a charcoal element that is fitted to the cartridge and removes odors along with improving the taste. They are not perfect though as a large number of very small viruses are able to get through almost all the filter available.

Pump Water Filters

One of the most effective ways to make sure super clean water is by using pump water filter. These are typically human-powered and do not need any fuel or batteries for them to work. One major drawback though is that they have the tendency to break due to the amount of parts that move around.

Gravity Water Filters

If you do not want to do any of the hard work in purifying your water, you should consider a gravity filter. These work by filling a bag full of water from the source and then it is hung from either a tree, tall object or pole and the gravity takes care of the rest. The water is filtered from the bag into a separate one where the clean water will be available to the consumer. Most available on the market will need a small amount of attention plus you will have to make sure that you use the correct bag that has been treated.

Water Filtering Straws And Lids

There are a number of water filters that are connected to a bottle as either a straw or lid that clean the water. They are extremely simple to use and excellent when you are on a trip in the backcountry as they weigh little and do not take up much room. To use them all the user has to do is to fill up the bottle and then the water is filtered when is passes through the lid or straw. It is one of the fastest ways to purify water and is great for a single user but for large groups, another solution is needed.

This article has been written to provide information regarding drinking safe water when traveling. Be sure to always make sure that every precaution has been thought of before heading out on any adventure. And make sure that if you are going to a remote or international location consider whether or not you need extra insurance for your adventure.

Charming B&B in Umbria

Umbria is a little treasure, in every season. Advising what to choose to visit is not easy because every village has unique and valuable characteristics, so as to make it look like a wrong having to pick just a few.

For example, those who choose to visit Umbria will necessarily have to visit Perugia, a city to be discovered in many ways. An old town full of monuments, churches and museums, and a residential area and new services, witnessed the great urban development, like many in Italy. But the stratification of Perugia is not a recent history. Wherever you go art breaths, read tracks added and subtracted, a profile changing and in dialogue with the landscape. The advice is to visit, in addition to sites in itself most famous, popular streets of via dei Cartolari and via della Viola strolling aimlessly, with the nose up.

Another pearl of Umbria is definitely Spoleto, one of the elegant towns that lives of the famous Festival of Two Worlds and where people know and greet each other. Spoleto is the classic Umbrian city of the province where you can admire the scenery, church facades, visit museums of contemporary art, eat right, walk past the Roman ruins and buy in the shops and stalls of the farmers the freshly picked fruit.

In a land so variegated, interesting and welcoming, choose the right accommodation to stay is very important to feel comfortable from the beginning  in a new environment and to discover. Among the various options available to tourists, the charming B&B in Umbria represent an interesting solution for those wishing to stay in a family-type hotel, cozy and far from cold and standardized environments of classic typical hotel chains in major cities.

Choose a charming B&B in Umbria means be welcomed in most cases by property owners who are local people, who know this land rich in culture and traditions, and will do so even pass on to their guests the love for these places and the desire to discover them during their holiday.

Those who book at one charming B&B will then have the chance to live in close contact with nature, away from the city noise but not too far from the major points of interest, usually reached in about half an hour drive. Inside a charming B&B in Umbria you will find all the comforts of a traditional hotel that will add furnishings elegant taste, colors of walls often customized for each room and sometimes enriched by outdoor swimming pools and attractions for toddlers.