Checklist for Traveling Abroad to a Foreign Country


Going to a far away place can be very exciting, especially if this is your first time going. As a traveler, there are thousands of places you can go to that would be equally amazing. Determining your first destination can be hard, but necessary. You can opt for something closer to home, since it’s cheaper. Or you can go all out with a flight all the way across the world. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have certain items on hand when you pack.

Passport and ID

Make sure your passport and identification card are valid and won’t expire while you’re on your trip to a foreign country. Trying to have this renewed outside of the U.S. can be a real hassle, since most places have very slow processing. You’re going to need your passport whether you’re going to France or to Canada and Mexico. If you’re crossing the border, then you need to show your government has allowed you to do so.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

Don’t expect the weather in London to be the same as it is in Florida. Check the forecasts and historical data to see what conditions are normally like during the time of year you’ll be visiting. This will aid you in choosing the right type of clothing for your trip. It’s also a good idea to see what the locals normally wear to determine if you should buy the same type of items. You may be able to find something suitable to wear from Johnston & Murphy.

Carry On Bag

If you’re traveling by train or airplane, it’s a good idea to have a carry on bag that you can use to carry bottles of water, snacks and some entertainment. If you’re traveling far away, then you need something to keep you busy. Also, having your own water and snacks will eliminate your need to spend money on the flight.

Tablet with a Data Plan

A tablet is a good toy to have because it can do so much. It’s a good idea to put a data plan on yours, so you can watch movies, text family on social media and even make calls to landlines and cell phones. Tablets have evolved into mini-computers, so don’t underestimate their value.

Translation Book or App

Foreign countries normally means locals that don’t speak English. If this is the case, then you need to bring along a book or app that you can use to help decipher what people are saying to you and what to say back. It also wouldn’t hurt to study the language a little beforehand, so you’re not completely lost when you start conversing with them.

An Itinerary

You don’t want to arrive at your destination without knowing where to go next. Each day of your trip should be planned out, whether it’s a business or pleasure trip. Your itinerary should detail times, dates and addresses. Make sure your smartphone or GPS has the maps of the local area already installed.

Must visit attractions in Melbourne: An insight


Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities of Australia and visiting it is not a bad choice as far as tourism is concerned. From scenic beauty to artificial development, you will find everything in Melbourne. The city is a mix blend of various shopping centers, museums, recreational parks and restaurants. In this article, we will share with you some of the places which are a must visit for you, if you want to make your tour of Melbourne worthy. The must visit destinations are discussed in the headings below

Federation Square

The federation square was opened for general public in the year 2002. The building was opened in order to celebrate 100 years of federation. Today federation square is the integral part of the city and is a popular tourist spot as well. The federation square hosts more than 2000 world events annually.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is located right at the heart of Parkland. The garden was established back in the year 1846. The garden has been rated among the best botanical gardens of the world. The garden has more than 50,000 plants and covers an area of 40 hectares.


The Southbank is located on the Yarra River and is known in Australia as a rich cultural attraction. The area is full of outdoor and indoor cafes, entertainment centers and restaurants. The area is also known for its crafts and arts market. The market is established every Sunday.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria is considered as the oldest art gallery of Australia. The art gallery was opened back in the year 1968 and went through renovation in 2003. Some of the best art collections can be witnessed by you in the gallery.

Eureka Tower
The Eureka Tower has been named after the Eureka Stockade. The tower serves as the landmark of Melbourne and contains 91 stories. The tower has a gold crown and the windows have been prepared through gold. As a tourist you can go to the 88th floor of the building and view Melbourne from the top.

Melbourne Museum

Another worth visiting place in Melbourne is the Melbourne museum. The museum is equipped with a diverse collection of different cultures and traditions. The main highlights of this museum include names like the children’s museum, Aboriginal Centre and The Blue Box.

Melbourne Zoo

If you are fond of wild life then Melbourne Zoo is not a bad place for you to visit. The zoo has more than 320 species of different animals under its jurisdiction. The Melbourne zoo will expose you to several innovative experiences. The Zoo will surely be enjoyed by you and your family.


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How to Find the Cheap Flights to Canada

Finding the cheap flights to Canada will not be simple.  When you compared the rate of travelling to Canada from the rest of the world, a vacation to Canada can be more expensive especially if you did not plan it well.  But despite of its premium price, your flight will surprisingly be relaxing; most of the airline companies have an integrated entertainment framework installed in the seat in front of you.  But if you want to make it more comfortable, there are ways on how you can secure a more affordable ticket.

Tips on How You Can Score Cheap Flights to Canada

Here are some tips on how you can find the affordable flights when travelling to Canada.

Find the Specials

Airline companies from Canada will usually offer specials in a particular week of the month.  If your planned trip will not happen in the coming months, be sure to check the website of the company for at least twice each week to check for special flights to Canada. There are instances that the company will offer 15% discount, but there are times that the discount will go to the drinks, foods, and accommodations.

Booking Flights during Mid-Week

In most cases, the flights during Wednesday or Tuesday are a lot cheaper compared to the flights on Friday and Saturday.  You should also make the initial booking during this date.  The airline companies have a tendency to lower their price for flights to Canada during this date.

Coupon Codes

There are lots of coupon codes online, and if you only know where to find it, you will be able to secure a discount for your flights to Canada.  Applying the coupon code into your flight will help you save more than 40%.  Bargain Moose and Smart Canucks are occasionally offering authentic coupon codes.

Comparing the Cost

Start comparing the cost of your flights to Canada when booking on various online booking systems.  There is a possibility that some flights will be cheaper when compared to the others.  In case you found a cheap ticket, do not hesitate and book it immediately.  In case you think that it is the better deal compared to the other, there is a possibility that it really is. Book it before the other travellers do.


For travellers under the age of 25 or if you are a student, remember to secure an ISIC Card.   In case you fly more often, the ISIC card can come in handy.  This card is being honoured in different parts of the globe including Canada.  By using this card, you will be able to secure flights to Canada at a student price.

Remember that when planning your trip to Canada, the flights during Thanksgiving and Labour Day are the cheapest.  In case you are planning to spend the Holiday season in Canada, the price will be more expensive.  Check for the flights to Canada in advance and check it daily.  Airline companies tend to update their price 5 times per day.


Bed, Breakfast, and Gardens

Looking for a place to stay that focuses as much on their outdoor space as they do about their interior?  We wanted to get to the root of what makes a spectacular garden, so we went out on a limb and searched high and low for some of the best B&B gardens throughout the country.   We definitely came up with some prizewinners.

Vintage Towers

While this quaint B&B boasts beautiful architecture and a rich history, it’s the outside that truly makes a statement.  Located in Cloverdale, California, the temperatures during the day are normally warm with low humidity.  In order to make a more enjoyable stay for their guests, the owners created an inviting garden that is overflowing with greenery and brightly colored flowers.  A large veranda and gazebo are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery.  However, the thing that sets them apart is their Green Getaways.  Individuals can come to Vintage Towers and learn how to be a locovore, or someone who buys and eats local and sustainable food.  Their workshops offer classes about wine and organic produce gardens; they till it as it is when it comes to food sustainability.

The Orchid Inn

A peaceful stay isn’t the only thing you’ll get at The Orchid Inn in Door County, Wisconsin; their expansive gardens are more than just a place to enjoy your morning coffee. Located just steps from the main inn, a series of greenhouses and gardens have transformed the property into a complete nursery.  Individuals can purchase gardening equipment and wander through a series of different plants.  In addition to the greenhouses, the inn provides a wedding garden.  It’s complete with an aisle and a large terrace.  For those who don’t want or cantaloupe, The Orchid Inn provides the perfect place for a ceremony.

Historic Skagway Inn

Okay, who doesn’t want to enjoy the scenery of Alaska while learning how to use local plants to create some delicious dishes?  The Historic Skagway Inn is located in Alaska and boasts a gourmet restaurant.  In order to provide a unique experience, they initiated a culinary exploration that is available to their guests.  This inn works over-thyme to bring guests hands on cooking experience.  Participants hunt for all the ingredients throughout the inn’s expansive gardens and are shown how to integrate them into manageable recipes.  The end result is a four course meal and the capability of using garden ingredients in delicious home-cooked meals.

Rock Cottage Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, thistle do nicely.  Guests can enjoy their own private garden at these cozy cottages in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  These rock cottages are separated by quaint white picket fences, each filled with flowers and shrubbery.  Fire pits create a warm and cozy ambiance, tucked away in the secluded section of each cottage.  Whether guests feel like wandering or enjoying their own portion of paradise, these beautiful gardens are the perfect place for relaxation- which is something this inn doesn’t seem to joke orchid about.

Old Monterey Inn

One hundred trees fill the acre of property at Old Monterey Inn, residing in Monterey, California.  One hundred!  That is a lot of trees, creating a true garden of weedin’.  This garden rose to its current level of luxury over thyme, since first being built back in 1929.  The winding pathways lead throughout the property, along lighted pathways and shady trees.  A variety of tables are set up to provide intimate spaces for guests out on a romantic getaway.  Speaking of romance, the gardens are often used for small wedding ceremonies and provide a beautiful backdrop to anyone’s special day.

And there we have it…these lodging establishments boast some of our favorite outdoor spaces.  Individuals can turnip and enjoy the serene and peaceful settings that come with these different B&Bs.

Andy Johnson is a lifelong adventurer.  When he isn’t working on his Adventure Magazine,, he can be found looking for another adventure destination.  He is at home in the deserts of the American Southwest and is often in the company of his dog Disco or daughter Marina.

Places and Activities to Enjoy in Prospect Park NYC

Spanning across a plot of 585-acres, Prospect Park is the largest public park in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux – the same gentlemen who gave Manhattan its iconic Central Park. The park is full of attractions and activities, and is an ideal place for families, couples and individuals to spend some quality time away from the noise of the city. From a zoo to a large nature conservancy, the Boathouse, a lake and sports facilities, it has it all to give visitors a great time in the midst of acres of natural beauty. Plus, it is home to year-round events and activities.

Here’s a list of places and activities to enjoy in Prospect Park, NYC:

Bike Tours

When it comes to cycling in one of NYC’s public parks, people generally don’t think beyond the bike tours in Central Park. After all, similar tours are also available in Prospect Park and are loved by visitors a lot. You can rent a bike and see a lot of the city in an affordable and convenient manner. You can get a bike from one of the five stations in the park, ride as long as you wish, dock the bike at any location and then continue on with the ride easily.

Lounge on the Long Meadow

For most visitors, lounging on the Long Meadow is one of the favorite things to do in Prospect Park. After all, they get a mile-long patch of grass and plenty of spots to enjoy uninterrupted fun in the Meadow. Visitors can find plenty of shaded areas, settle in for a picnic and enjoy a game of Frisbee.

Get Lost in the Ravine

The Ravine is a rugged area in the middle of the park and it is quite popular among those looking to enjoy nature and tranquillity when on their New York City tours experience. The area is dense with trees and bodies of water and makes for an ideal retreat for peace-seeking nature lovers. Being here feels like as if you are close to a natural wonder, all by yourself, and need nothing else to explore.

Check Out the Wildlife at the Zoo

The Prospect Park Zoo is home to over 400 animals of 100 different species. Check them out and see how animals live in environments resembling that of their natural habitats. Plus, you can see red pandas and dingos. You can check out the Discovery Trail and watch how zookeepers feel delighted at feeding pinnipeds.

Visit the Parade Ground

If sports is all you live and die for, then don’t forget checking out the Parade Ground in the park. Here, you will find 40 acres of fields dedicated to sports such as baseball, tennis, football and soccer. Plus, it has courts for basketball and netball. And yes, take time out of the tour to visit the Prospect Park Tennis Center and the Time Out Snack Bar. The place is a must-visit for sport lovers.

Resorts for School Picnics: Try the Mini Water Park at UKsResort!

Good ratings say a lot about a place. When you are looking for the Best resorts near Mumbai make sure you pick one that has good ratings. The ratings and reviews are given by users and are honest opinions that you will not find anywhere. TripAdvisor bestows a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations and attractions. The certificate is only awarded to those establishments that have been receiving positive feedback continuously. With the certificate you can trust the service of the resort. UKsResort has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for the continuously good service it delivers to its guests.

After checking out the reviews and ratings, you now need to look at the facilities of the Best resorts near Mumbai. Pick a resort that can cater to large family groups as well as small corporate groups. The diversity in its service ensures that the resort has experience with different kinds of needs and demands. The employees become attune to the needs of their guests, which they can figure out on their own. At UKsResort, you will be taken care of as the mission of the resort is to cater individual attention to the guest and to make them feel at home. They are trained to provide excellent service so that you return as a loyal customer.

UKsResort is a place that will be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. The resort caters to individuals, families as well as large groups, including corporate. It is one of the best Resorts for school picnics near Mumbai and Pune. The resort has a 5 acre open space that you can use to organize games for school kids. They can either play educational games in large groups or have fun making their own groups and playing the games they like with their set of friends.

There are many facilities available at UKsResort. Other than the huge outdoor lawns, it has an indoor space as well, where the kids can play badminton, table tennis or carom. For games to play out in the sun, they can pick from cricket, volleyball or throwball. When the kids become tired of playing in the sun, they can chill in the cool waters of UKsResort’s mini water park. It has slides and a separate area for rain dance! Kids will surely love to dance to the latest tunes and the rain dance will also cool them off. After a fun day in the sun, head on to the in house restaurant pick from various cuisines. The menu will surely have something for everyone as it provides delicacies from local cuisines, Mughali, Chinese and Indian. If you have any questions about the food, the polite staff will happily answer your questions and even assist you in making a decision.

At UKsResort there are no limits to the variety of entertainment offered. The Best resorts near Mumbai provide some of the best facilities. The Resorts for school picnics offer outdoor, indoor and adventures games, mini water park and a dedicated children’s play area too.

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