Best Small Towns for Christmas in the US

It’s finally that time of the year – you can think of relaxing for a couple of weeks. Why? Christmas of course, then the New Year. After around 350 days of toiling in your busy schedule, late December is a time in which we all let off some steam. There is no college to worry about – all the presentations, projects, assignments and finals have been left behind. Work gets a little less hectic, and everywhere there is a generally festive mood, for it’s the holidays. Speaking of which, you’re surely taking advantage of the holiday sales rampant everywhere. If you are, just a tip; you can sell your credit card points for cash online. Moving on, we can focus on places you might want to travel to for Christmas, provided you’re not spending time at home – perhaps you want a family trip, something a little different this time? So we’ve compiled a neat little list of the best small towns for Christmas in the US.

Leavenworth, WA.

A Bavarian-styled village in the state of Washington, Leavenworth is located in the Cascade Mountains. It has alpine style buildings with restaurants serving fine German beer. It gives off a quaint European feel, which during the snow, gives it a picturesque splendor. It is a fine place to visit with the family for some peace and quiet.

Branson, MO

Located in southwest Missouri, Branson is an Ozark town which is renowned as a fine place for a family vacation with its quiet air and numerous family-friendly places such as great theatres and shopping malls. During December each year, this town holds the Ozark Mountain Festival, which is a month long holiday extravaganza filled with festive music and Christmas lights and beautiful decorations. Sipping hot chocolate while strolling along its neatly ornate decorations is what a winter holiday is all about.

Woodstock, VT

Vermont is known for his beautiful towns nestled among great mountains, and Woodstock is no different. During Christmas, bathed in snow and festive lighting, this little town looks something out of a fairytale or a greeting card. It also hosts the Woodstock Wassail Weekend, during which historic homes and farms open for everyone amid celebrations. You’ll feel like you’re in a dream.

Asheville, NC

Asheville, is home to the mammoth Biltmore Estate, which houses the Biltmore House. This Chateauseque mansion was completed around 1895 and is the largest privately owned house in the US at over 175,000 square feet. It is still owned by descendants of George Vanderbilt, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions locally. And for Christmas, it gets decorated. There are many other Christmas Eve activities in the offing in the mountain town and many people come here to celebrate Christmas.

You might be wondering that Christmas is a time for family, and we agree, but sometimes it’s good to break free of the traditional holiday and try something new, like experiencing Christmas elsewhere. As a reminder, if you did shop, remember that you can sell your credit card points for cash.

7 Ways of identifying the best beach for a memorable vacation

Most tourists love living inbeach resorts. This is due to the amazing views of the beach and the sea. The sea breeze creates a perfect condition for relaxing. Visiting the beach during summer is enjoyable. The breeze and the sea help in cooling the heat from the sun. With several beaches at the coastline, picking the best one is essential. Consider these aspects when choosing the beaches.

Life savers

The beach is not a safe place especially for people that cannot swim. They can easily drown. Those that visit the beaches with their children should be on the lookout. They should hinder them from going into the waters alone. That will prevent fatalities. However, the suitable beaches for Punta Cana tours have life savers. They can rescue people from drowning. These experts should be well trained.


The general security of the beach should be very high. The management should ensure that the property and life of the people is secured. Security will be increased when the beach is manned by trained guards. Losses due to insecurity can be costly. Imagine losing your passport due to theft. Hence, avoid such experiences by going to beaches that are known to be very secure.


Do not visit beaches that are congested. Congestion causes discomfort. There is no privacy and that will hinder any attempt to relax. Most congested beaches are dirty. The management finds it hard to retain a high level of hygiene. The best beach in Punta Cana will restrict the number of people. Such restrictions are good for people in need of a quiet time.

Private or public

In every city along the coast line, you will find private and public beaches. The private beaches are owned by either an individual or a corporation. Accessing those beaches without permission is an offence. Most of the private beaches demand payment from anyone that intends to access them. Regardless of the payment, private beaches are better than public beaches.


The activities within the beach determine the quality of Punta Cana tours the tourists will encounter. If the activities are not striking, the tour will be unexciting. The finest beaches have a huge number of activities. The people visiting such a beach have a variety of choices. They can decide to pick unique and fascinating activities. It is impossible to be bored in activity-filled beaches.


Does the beach attract many people? People visit beaches for fun. That is their moment of relaxation. They would not spend it in a boring beach. They will take time to examine the available beaches. That research will provide facts that will reveal the finest beaches. Prefer a beach that is attractive depending on the opinion of most people.


People would judge the beaches after visiting them. Their sentiments will shape the repute acquired by the beach. The best beach in Punta Cana will achieve a great reputation. This is due to the impressive sentiments shared by those who visited it. Making your choice based on reputation is reliable.

The Things You Don’t Realize About Strippers

Striptease is one thing which is in an uncanny situation right now. Without a doubt, it is well-accepted, enjoyed and even cherished. A great deal of individuals expend cash on strippers as a nice form of entertainment. On the other hand, you may still find people today, who see striptease as means of benefiting from your visual appeal for dollars in the wrong manner.

No matter what your feelings are on the subject, there are lots of things that the majority of people don’t understand about sexy dancing. It is actually a market that has its secrets. And despite the fact that virtually all individuals view it as a genuine way to make do, you will still find lots of wrong info concerning this.

What Do We Do With That?

Right here we are about to introduce you to a variety of helpful erotic dancer facts, so you better recognize and appreciate this vital industry. And do not forget that should you ever want Chicago strippers, they definitely will be there for you – maybe without the clothes.

The very first fact we wish for you to discover is that a great deal of naughty dancers are essentially doing that job in order to pay for their education costs. Isn’t that excellent? Considering striptease is a highly profitable job (at least for a number of years), it isn’t surprising why it is so desirable to young college or university girls and boys. Having said that, a lot of exotic dancers at the same time have a different job in the day, even though it’s possibly not a full-hour deal.

As for the basic stripper age? If you want to trust research, that really should be something like 24. Even so, the truth is that there are actually exotic strippers at many ages, depending on people’s taste. What is yours?

Something can be mentioned without a doubt nonetheless – if you really like a dancer, don’t stress – it is absolutely not a taboo for them to go out with you. Really such dancers seeing customers are not that uncommon at all. Over 20 per cent of such dancers have in reality done it one or more times.

Teasing As A Job

Despite the fact that it started as a women only thing, male naughty dancers are becoming increasingly widespread these days. However, they are still near the 10% mark, so indeed, ladies are prominent in the field.

A lot of folks seem to be thinking that striptease is genuinely a “backup” employment solution. You could be thrilled to hear that really a lot of naughty dancers appreciate their profession and take it as having quite the value, in particular as an artistic expression. Above 90 per cent of strippers state they will propose the occupation to a friend. Exciting, is it not?

But if you are enticed to go with teasing as a job alternative, don’t speed into it. It is a demanding job. If you don’t have proper physical skills, it is likely for you to get injured. Even skilled exotic strippers have injured themselves one or more times during their performance.

Thus teasing is not an occupation to be quickly pushed aside. We hope you truly value it even more as a career, and that you understand its benefit in in this culture. We bet that if strippers out of the blue go extinct, a lot of men and women would not be happy in any way.

7 Must Know Facts About Frequent Flyer Miles+

Airline Miles are no longer an alien concept. The use of miles is fast becoming widespread as more and more people enhance their knowledge of the airline industry. Now that a great number of travelers are looking to earn and redeem miles, here is an article listing the must know facts about them. Knowing these facts will help you make more informed decisions.

  1. You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to make use of miles

You don’t literally have to be a frequent flyer in order to benefit from the rewards and discounts offered by a frequent flyer program. Any traveler can now sign up for the program as long as they travel at least once or twice a year.

  1. You don’t have to be a member to benefit from Miles

Now this may come as a surprise to many but yes, you don’t have to necessarily join a program formally to get the benefits of airline miles. You can simply buy them online and redeem them where needed. But of course, if you are looking to earn miles and take advantage of all the perks, then joining a program is recommended.

  1. Miles have a limited life

By life, we mean the expiration date. Many travelers who don’t travel that frequently forget about the unused miles in their account. It is truly a shame to let those go to waste as they can be redeemed on things other than airline tickets. 

  1. Miles can be sold online

Contrary to popular belief, you can sell frequent flyer miles online. Most travelers are led to believe that they can only really redeem the miles, which is far from the truth. If you have miles with no use or miles nearing expiration, you can sell them for cash on websites made solely for facilitating the sale.

 You can buy miles

Earning miles takes time and effort. If you are short on time or incapable of going through the earning process, simply buy them online. But of course, here you have to do the cost-benefit analysis. Miles will only benefit you as long as the benefits you receive in return exceed the price paid for them.

  1. Miles can be redeemed on online shopping

One of the latest and coolest development for users of airline miles is that they can be redeemed on online shopping at different forums like best buy. Where and how you can redeem them depends on the airline miles you have and their partner brands. 

  1. Rental car redemption

Now airlines have partner car rental companies too where you can redeem miles to take advantage of alluring discounts. This has been quite a popular development as car renting normally costs a significant amount of money and almost all travelers are looking to reduce the cost in some way.

The Party Capital of the World

You might be wondering which city is possibly fun enough to be deemed the party capital of the world. While you can shortlist many contenders for that esteemed title, there is only one winner and that is a city in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai. The ultramodern oasis in the desert, an architectural marvel and a showcase of luxury, this city and emirate on the western coast of UAE is undoubtedly the city that has it all. What makes it more magnificent is its rapid development over the last two decades, you need only see pictures of Dubai from the 1990s to understand how quickly it has boomed into what it is. If you have the economic resources, Dubai can make your wishes come true. This article gives you a list of some of the best sights in Dubai. You can visit Dubai on any one of their major carries and remember to Buy UAE Major Airline miles which can help cut costs on ticket prices.

Burj Khalifa

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dubai, is the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa, standing at 2,717 feet (828 meters) it is the highest building in the world (the Shanghai Tower comes second, topping out at 2073 feet. It was built in 2008, and holds this esteemed record since its inception. Just gazing at the Burj is a treat in itself, the wonder of engineering and architecture. If you want to enjoy the views it offers, you can climb to the SKY deck which is at 555 Meters. The view it offers is out of this world.

The Dubai Mall

As with most things in Dubai, their mall is no ordinary mall. It is the largest in the world by total area and has over 1200 shops. It is one of the most visited buildings in the world in recent years, attracting more than 30 million people each year. It has an indoor aquarium as well as an indoor theme park. It should definitely be on your to see list.

The World

Also known as the World Islands, they are an artificial set of islands located roughly 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, in the waters of the Persian Gulf. These islands are shaped after – as is apparent – the world. Some of it is still in development but it is still a great sight to see.

The Palm Jumeriah

Like the World, the Palm Jumeriah is an artificial archipelago in the Jumeriah coastal area. Unsurprisingly, it is in the shape of a tree palm. The island is known for its glamorous hotels, great apartment towers, and a multitude of food trucks, the Jumeriah Boardwalk and spectacular views which include the Burj Al Arab. At night there are many nightclubs for the party dweller to enjoy.

Dubai has something for everyone, a family vacation or a party with your friends, natural beauty to explore or exciting amusement parks. Again you can Buy UAE Major Airline miles which can help cut costs on ticket prices.

Handy Tips for Affording Travel Luxuries

Even basic travel costs quite a significant sum of money. So going an extra mile in terms of luxury means double the amount of spending. But hey who does not want to fly in business class, stay in a resort and indulge in other travel luxuries? In this article, we list some tips that are bound to come in handy if you want to travel in style.

Affording Expensive Travel Destinations

Sure, there are a lot of amazing budget destinations out there like Thailand, Vietnam and India. But then there are also popular destinations like Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and Norway that make your heart ache. These destinations are raved about all over the world but sadly they are a tad bit expensive. So do you forget about these places and find solace elsewhere or do you strive to visit them? The latter makes much more sense.

Expensive destinations that are otherwise unaffordable become somewhat affordable during the off season. Don’t let anyone turn you off from off season traveling. Sure, the weather may not be ideal but the reduction in prices and less crowds are definitely a big plus.

Flying in style

Business class tickets and first class flights are not everyone’s piece of cake. You have got to have considerable amount of savings in your account to be able to afford both classes. Travel experts recommend the use of airline miles to upgrade from economy to one of these fancy classes. Upgrade at the last minute is often, in fact mostly cheaper than direct purchasing ahead of time.

Being a frequent flyer or elite member of an airline also helps your case. You bag discounts and get access to deals before anyone else.

Fancy Accommodation

Resorts and five star hotels are always attractive especially if you are used to staying in shabby motels and cheap hostels. Firstly, don’t shy away from asking for a discount. Hotels are never that rigid especially if they have a lot of empty rooms available. Sometimes, you may even get a discount for your profession. Some places offer discounts to veterans, doctors or government employees. So make sure you ask rather than assuming that there is no discount.

Secondly, if you time your vacation at a time when there are less tourists around, you will benefit greatly. This is when prices are slashed and get within a budget traveler’s range.

Thirdly, check for hotels and resorts that are in partnership with the miles program you have joined. If you are part of no program yet, join a popular one that has a wide range of rewards and partners so that you can redeem miles on your choice of accommodation.

Traveling is all about experiences and memories, and less about luxuries. But adding the luxury element enhances the experience and has its own charm. Follow the above mentioned tips to bring the luxuries within your budget range. Take chances and try new tricks!

How to make money from travel booking website?

For earning money through a travel website you need to know about the travel demand in your particular region. Tourist visits from overseas and local tourists going overseas or adjoining states.The online travel market is on the rise as the today’s generation are more inclined towards online booking, especially through their mobile apps. You need to have your own website as well as a mobile app for your website and most importantly you must know two things i.e, Which is the best Travel Portal Development Company? and How to make money from travel booking website?

If you have a small travel agency with fewer resources and want to quickly develop your own website then you can do it by developing your own White label travel portal. In this, there is not much investment and it will get ready within 24 hours, from here if you have contact with hotels, car rentals and Flight booking service providers. Then you can integrate your platform with them, after that when there is a transaction between the customers and suppliers you can earn a commission out of it according to the agreed terms with your suppliers. If you earn good money from it, you can become an Online travel agent with good business. Also, the portal developer will develop an app for your website. Nowadays people are more inclined towards the app-related services from their phones, they find much convenience in doing bookings from mobile apps. This will garner more customers and you will earn more.

One of the main advantages of developing your own white label travel portal is that the website becomes your brand. You can name your website and edit it as per your own preferences and also you can make your own logo. In order to know deeply how can you earn money through commissions from your own website, we will briefly discuss it below:

  1. Hotel bookings: Every time the customer searches about the hotel and click one     particular hotel, then the particular hotel booking service provider whose hotel the customer has searched will pay you for the click even if they don’t book that hotel.
  2. Flight Bookings: When the customer clicks on the particular flight to view its rates   and time duration, then you will get paid for that click even if the booking is not done for that particular flight from the airliner which that flight belongs.
  3. By allowing ad agencies to post advertisements on your website you can earn money from every click the customer does to view that ad.
  4. Car Hire: Every time there is a view about a specific car for review, then you will get paid by the car rental agency of that specific car for that click even if they don’t book that car.
  5. By providing combo offers with every booking of flights such as available hotels on the destination and available holiday packages at that particular destination at discount rates. Definitely, some customers who are new and are going for the first time on that particular destination will want to explore more and will look for available hotels and tour packages at reasonable rates. Here you will get a commission from the Airliner as well as from the Hoteliers.

Apart from all this the most important thing you must keep in mind is the inclination of the customers towards your portal, in other words, diverging the traffic towards your website, because without them you won’t be able to generate revenue even if you have good suppliers base. This can be achieved by integrating a large number of quality suppliers, and posting exciting discount offers on the main page of your website and market it through various diverse channels.

Beat Dubai Heat with These Tips for Tourists

If you are planning a trip to Dubai during the summers, be prepared to deal with the scorching heat! The well-known ‘Dubai Heat’ is popular for its dustiness, dry weather, and relentless geographical conditions. Those planning to visit the place will have a hard time, as the temperature can soar up to 48 degrees. The unbearable temperature, scorching heat, and dusty weather will surely make things difficult for you!

Schools, colleges, shopping malls, and other important centers of trade & commerce are air-conditioned. Quite naturally, tourists won’t have to face troubles while exploring the place. In spite of that, you should be aware of the tips that help you stay hydrated and cool!

Tips to consider

Before you breeze through the flight ticket offers and pack your bags for Dubai, make sure you keep the right tips in mind. Here’s what you need to know in this context:

  1. Drink water

It’s highly imperative to keep yourself cool and hydrated. Drink plenty of water and make sure you carry a bottle wherever you go. It is better to take frequent sips, rather than gulping down the entire bottle. Keeping yourself hydrated in summers is important, and there’s no way you can do that other than drinking water!

  1. Choose your apparels carefully

When it comes to choosing your apparels in Dubai, you should take optimum care. You shouldn’t wear something that gives rise to discomfort and disturbance. The most crucial task is to prevent the loss of moisture from your skin. That’s where you need to make judicious choices and opt for full-sleeved clothes. Sleeveless apparels can prepare the ground for dehydration, which can further give rise to serious troubles.

  1. Plan your outdoor activities judiciously

If you are visiting the place during summers and planning to engage in some of the most exciting activities, biking will be one of them. However, it’s highly crucial to plan these activities properly and wisely. Head for bike rides at 7:00 a.m. and try to finish before the sun goes overhead. Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and make sure you stay hydrated!

  1. Take warm showers

One of the best ways to stay cool and hydrated is taking showers at regular intervals. Taking warm showers can be beneficial as it will help you regulate temperature. You can also wash your hands or cool off in the cold water. That’s a great way of feeling comfortable even in the scorching heat!

  1. Eat light wholesome meals

At times, the summer heat can be highly disturbing and uncomfortable. You have to eat light meals and that too at regular intervals. Make sure your diet is nutritious and wholesome. Include a lot of veggies, salads, refreshing beverages and fruits. That will keep you comfortable and also fulfill your body’s nutrition requirement.

So, before you Fly Dubai, make sure these aspects are in mind. Following these tips will help you to a great extent! Keep them in mind and dream of a splendid Dubai vacation today!


Experience Desert Safari At Al Ain And Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to visit any city of United Arab Emirates? What is the first thing you want to explore there? When you come across such questions, the common answer that comes is desert. People visit the Middle Eastern countries to experience famous desert and Oasis of that area. Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE offers the best collection of Sand Dune experience in the world. Located in the inlands of UAE is Al Ain, an oasis near the border of Oman. Apart from Abu Dhabi you can also experience the desert in the Al Ain area.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari for Tourists:

The Abu Dhabi Desert safari starts from Al Khatem area located near the Al Ain Road. This is a tour that is offered by different agents during different times of the day. The agents provide pick up and drop off services to all the tourists from hotels located within the city limits. The desert safari is a complete package of entertainment for people. The pickup for this tour starts from different hotels between the time span of 1300 hours to 1600 hours. The main tour starts as the sun sets behind the sand dunes. Though there are morning and overnight desert safaris available for people, the most popular safari that tourist take is the evening safari with dinner. The evening safari continues from 1530 hours to 2200 hours at night. The activities that take place in the Abu Dhabi desert are –

  1. A complete transportation in 4X4 drives vehicles.
  2. The next thing to enjoy is the sun set views in the deserts. Take photos of the wonderful sight as the sky turns crimson with the sun setting in the horizon of dunes.
  3. The next crazy and most preferred activity is a 30-45 minutes dune bashing session. This is a complete adrenaline rush activity that occurs in 4X4 vehicles.
  4. Camel riding one important thing that people like here.
  5. In the evening there are different activities ready for you. Henna painting is one of them.
  6. The next thing of attraction is the Belly dance or Tanura Dance show. Enjoy the dance performances of highly talented artists as you get ready for your evening dinner buffet.
  7. The Shisha experience or the hubblee – bubble is definitely in demand among the youngsters. Smoke the flavours of Shisha and warm yourself up against the chilly desert winds.
  8. Finally you get to enjoy the exquisite Bar-B-Queue dinner. They provide you with an elaborate buffet to enjoy.

Apart from all these you get flow of soft drink and coffee. The morning safari is all about a 45 minutes dune bashing and optional activity. As you go for desert safari you get a chance to enjoy many optional activities like sand boarding, quad biking etc.

The Al Ain Desert safari experience:

Al Ain Desert Safari is the next best desert experience for you if you are staying in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. Here you experience the sights of desert and the oasis together you drive past the creek of Al Ain. The tour is a combination of dune bashing and BBQ dinner is set up of Bedouin tents. The camps are set amidst the sand dunes of Arabia and the Palms of Oasis. In short this is a different desert safari experience for you.


If you are visiting Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, then desert safari becomes a must do activity for all tourists. Put is down in your bucket list and enjoy the thrill of sand dune bashing in the desert of Arabia. Enjoy the scenic nature and the lavish buffet in the area.