Experience Desert Safari At Al Ain And Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to visit any city of United Arab Emirates? What is the first thing you want to explore there? When you come across such questions, the common answer that comes is desert. People visit the Middle Eastern countries to experience famous desert and Oasis of that area. Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE offers the best collection of Sand Dune experience in the world. Located in the inlands of UAE is Al Ain, an oasis near the border of Oman. Apart from Abu Dhabi you can also experience the desert in the Al Ain area.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari for Tourists:

The Abu Dhabi Desert safari starts from Al Khatem area located near the Al Ain Road. This is a tour that is offered by different agents during different times of the day. The agents provide pick up and drop off services to all the tourists from hotels located within the city limits. The desert safari is a complete package of entertainment for people. The pickup for this tour starts from different hotels between the time span of 1300 hours to 1600 hours. The main tour starts as the sun sets behind the sand dunes. Though there are morning and overnight desert safaris available for people, the most popular safari that tourist take is the evening safari with dinner. The evening safari continues from 1530 hours to 2200 hours at night. The activities that take place in the Abu Dhabi desert are –

  1. A complete transportation in 4X4 drives vehicles.
  2. The next thing to enjoy is the sun set views in the deserts. Take photos of the wonderful sight as the sky turns crimson with the sun setting in the horizon of dunes.
  3. The next crazy and most preferred activity is a 30-45 minutes dune bashing session. This is a complete adrenaline rush activity that occurs in 4X4 vehicles.
  4. Camel riding one important thing that people like here.
  5. In the evening there are different activities ready for you. Henna painting is one of them.
  6. The next thing of attraction is the Belly dance or Tanura Dance show. Enjoy the dance performances of highly talented artists as you get ready for your evening dinner buffet.
  7. The Shisha experience or the hubblee – bubble is definitely in demand among the youngsters. Smoke the flavours of Shisha and warm yourself up against the chilly desert winds.
  8. Finally you get to enjoy the exquisite Bar-B-Queue dinner. They provide you with an elaborate buffet to enjoy.

Apart from all these you get flow of soft drink and coffee. The morning safari is all about a 45 minutes dune bashing and optional activity. As you go for desert safari you get a chance to enjoy many optional activities like sand boarding, quad biking etc.

The Al Ain Desert safari experience:

Al Ain Desert Safari is the next best desert experience for you if you are staying in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. Here you experience the sights of desert and the oasis together you drive past the creek of Al Ain. The tour is a combination of dune bashing and BBQ dinner is set up of Bedouin tents. The camps are set amidst the sand dunes of Arabia and the Palms of Oasis. In short this is a different desert safari experience for you.


If you are visiting Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, then desert safari becomes a must do activity for all tourists. Put is down in your bucket list and enjoy the thrill of sand dune bashing in the desert of Arabia. Enjoy the scenic nature and the lavish buffet in the area.