From the earliest days, extra than 3 million Ural Sidecars already exceeded through the doorways of the factory in Irbit – within the Ural Mountains in Siberia, where they continue to be manufactured, as earlier than in an almost artisanal. Apart from its records, our Ural Sidecar is plain black, which gives it that irresistible antique, iconic appearance, full of favor. Remember the Indiana Jones or Tintin of their sidecars? Now you could enjoy the equal feeling motorcycle tours

Go where no bus or automobile can move, and motorcycle tours in Mongolia feet are too worn-out to tread with our motorbike excursion.

Avoid visitors and move past the same old tourist websites by way of traveling alongside picturesque roads.

Personalize your sidecar excursion as lots as you want.

Leave with memories and snapshots that even the “natives” do no longer realize approximately.

Ride with a pal for an actually particular enjoy.

Visit the famous points of interest and find out the hidden secrets.

Feel the breeze, the wind to your hair and revel in the perspectives.

Friendly locals at a waterfall which I determined at the same time as doing an afternoon excursion in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Friendly locals at a waterfall which I observed while doing an afternoon tour in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Motorbike Travel-Tips

A farmer plowing his rice discipline. Bicol place, Philippines.

A nearby road stop for lunch. The locals invited me for a few photographs of rice wine. One of those reports … (Vietnam)

A local avenue prevents for lunch. The locals invited me for a few shots of rice wine. One of those experiences … (Vietnam)


Renting a motorcycle (I am talking about the standard 125cc bikes, observed everywhere around Asia) is typically around 5 to ten dollars in step with day plus gas. I think that’s a bargain for all of the blessings that include it. If you personal a bike, even better.

Spending the money on bike rental is generally constantly worth it.

Spending the cash on motorbike apartment is generally continually worth it.

8find out

Traveling via motorcycle enables you to discover locations which you most possibly would have ignored in any other case. Tour buses mostly visit the well-installed sites and additionally stick to the primary paths. With a motorbike, you are unfastened to roam around and you can visit those lesser recognized locations that no tour company will head for. Who knows, you may even discover a hidden gem that no one else has ever been to.

Motorbike Travel-Tips

Just surpassed this region by the way in Bali.

Motorbike Travel-Tips

A hidden gem of the seaside which I found after a motorbike odyssey in Coron, Philippines.

Nine Say hey to Adventure

The very last argument and likely one of the most important ones. Traveling by using motorcycle is all about the adventure. You will have to type out plenty greater things to your personal. You ought to discover your way, you may wander away or you might grow to be with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. All of that befell to me. But it in no way posed a real problem that I couldn’t fix. And in the end, it’ll make you end up with many colorful memories to tell while you’re completed. As I always say, adventure might be just across the nook. And by means of a motorcycle, it is lots less complicated to find out

Dolf ready to get his exhaust constant at a nearby restore keeps in Laos. Shit takes place.

Dolf waiting to get his exhaust constant at a local restore shop in Laos. Shit takes place.

Motorbike Travel is ready the journey!

Motorbike Travel is about the adventure!

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Adventure might wait in the back of the next bend. Go and locate it.

 A phrase approximately risks

Motorcycling can be risky, mainly if you are very inexperienced. But if you act clever, don’t push too hard and use common experience, then you may decrease the risk. I even have blanketed several thousand kilometers in the course of my journey and in no way had extra than a busted tire. I even have worked my manner up and by now it has ended up like 2d nature. To me, the praise/threat ratio is sincerely in favor of the use of a motorcycle. But that is a calculation that every one of you men has to do on their own.

Motorbike Travel-Tips

For me, the rewards outweigh the chance. But this is simply personal.

Tips and recommendation

To help minimize those risks and maybe assist in taking that ambiguity away, I’d like to offer you a few guidelines and recommendation which I came to learn at some point of Orientation

If you don’t understand the area, get a map. Especially vital for multi-day tours. Bookstores usually have some of the maps and for Southeast Asia the first-class maps I came by means of are posted with the aid of GT Rider. You can locate their hyperlink in my links segment. Before taking off, have your telephone cache a map of the location. You can then get admission to it on the road without having internet access and you can even use it with your GPS. I discovered that very handy.