Common RV Rental Mistakes You Should Avoid When Travelling

RVing is a unique and exciting way to travel. However, in order for you to ensure that your RV travel will be successful, you have to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of RVing. While you might already have researched the essential things to do, you might not be aware of the mistakes you should avoid.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an expert in RVing, it’s important for you to know the common mistakes that you might want to avoid doing during your RV trip. Here are the common mistakes that you must, at all costs, avoid when traveling.

  1. Renting the Wrong RV

The vehicle that you use matters a lot during your trip. That’s why it makes sense to be very careful when choosing an RV rental company. It’s also important to pick the kind of RV that fits your travel needs. There are three classes of vehicle, Class A, Class B, and Class C, and it’s important to know the difference before selecting your RV.

  1. Packing Too Much

Certainly, an RV gives you the opportunity to bring more necessities than you can in a regular vehicle or on an airplane. However, you should not bring too much with you in an RV. This is because RVs have weight limits. Going beyond these limits can put you in danger, making driving and braking more difficult.

Therefore, only bring the necessary things that you need. If possible, make a list, check again, and cross some things that you might not actually need.

  1. Driving Without Testing

RVs are different than any other vehicles and require different driving techniques. Whether or not you have driven an RV before, you must do a test-drive of it before taking the road for your trip. Otherwise, you may find yourself not knowing what to do in the event of a potential accident or collision.

  1. Going Too Far

If you only have limited time to travel, you must avoid going too far from your town. As much as you want to take that exciting route in the distant state that you’ve always been planning to go for months, you should opt for a closer route which you can cover in your previously arranged vacation time.

  1. Driving Too Fast

This dovetails with the previous mistake. If your travel destination is too far, you’ll certainly feel the need to drive faster than you normally would. This will spoil the fun that you’re supposed to have and will only add stress and pressure to your trip. This also can prove to be dangerous, especially when the weather and road conditions are not ideal.

  1. Not Leveling the RV

A slanted floor is never desirable, especially in an RV. After all, you won’t want to climb every time you walk from one end of the vehicle to another. Since you can’t always expect campground sites to always be available, it’s important for you to level your RV every time you stop over to make camp.

  1. Forgetting to Disconnect Your Appliances

This is a mistake that you’ll quickly regret as you drive away from a campground. Before leaving, make sure to disconnect all of the utilities that you have used. Check your electrical cords, sewer hose, and other utilities so that you don’t need to replace anything while on the road.

  1. Never Defrosting the Freezer

You may find it a tiring and time-consuming task, but defrosting your freezer is very important during your trip. If you don’t defrost, you’ll likely find an icy mass in your freezer that could ruin your food. To prevent this, make sure to defrost your freezer from time to time during your trip.

Final Thoughts

Not all trips are perfect. However, you can always make your RV trip as close to perfect as possible by avoiding as many mistakes as you can. Make sure to follow the above tips to ensure that your RV trip is an adventure to remember.