Handy Tips for Affording Travel Luxuries

Even basic travel costs quite a significant sum of money. So going an extra mile in terms of luxury means double the amount of spending. But hey who does not want to fly in business class, stay in a resort and indulge in other travel luxuries? In this article, we list some tips that are bound to come in handy if you want to travel in style.

Affording Expensive Travel Destinations

Sure, there are a lot of amazing budget destinations out there like Thailand, Vietnam and India. But then there are also popular destinations like Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and Norway that make your heart ache. These destinations are raved about all over the world but sadly they are a tad bit expensive. So do you forget about these places and find solace elsewhere or do you strive to visit them? The latter makes much more sense.

Expensive destinations that are otherwise unaffordable become somewhat affordable during the off season. Don’t let anyone turn you off from off season traveling. Sure, the weather may not be ideal but the reduction in prices and less crowds are definitely a big plus.

Flying in style

Business class tickets and first class flights are not everyone’s piece of cake. You have got to have considerable amount of savings in your account to be able to afford both classes. Travel experts recommend the use of airline miles to upgrade from economy to one of these fancy classes. Upgrade at the last minute is often, in fact mostly cheaper than direct purchasing ahead of time.

Being a frequent flyer or elite member of an airline also helps your case. You bag discounts and get access to deals before anyone else.

Fancy Accommodation

Resorts and five star hotels are always attractive especially if you are used to staying in shabby motels and cheap hostels. Firstly, don’t shy away from asking for a discount. Hotels are never that rigid especially if they have a lot of empty rooms available. Sometimes, you may even get a discount for your profession. Some places offer discounts to veterans, doctors or government employees. So make sure you ask rather than assuming that there is no discount.

Secondly, if you time your vacation at a time when there are less tourists around, you will benefit greatly. This is when prices are slashed and get within a budget traveler’s range.

Thirdly, check for hotels and resorts that are in partnership with the miles program you have joined. If you are part of no program yet, join a popular one that has a wide range of rewards and partners so that you can redeem miles on your choice of accommodation.

Traveling is all about experiences and memories, and less about luxuries. But adding the luxury element enhances the experience and has its own charm. Follow the above mentioned tips to bring the luxuries within your budget range. Take chances and try new tricks!