trip? Yes, but in a group!

Not all travelers have the soul of a solitary adventurer. If for you “hell, it’s not the others”, maybe it’s time to consider the many benefits of group travel. We give you some tips and tricks to make your next group trip a nice souvenir.

Group travel: what are the benefits?

Traveling in a group offers several advantages. First and foremost: the cost! By sharing the costs inherent to the various budget items of your trip (guide, bus rental, etc.), you can achieve economies of scale and reduce the share of each.

If you organize your trip through the services of a tour operator, you do not take care of anything. The visit of the museum of contemporary art, the meeting with a nomadic ethnic group, domestic flights, lunch deep in the pampas like the shock absorbers of the vehicle: everything is taken care of. Your stay is organized and scheduled day by day, hour by hour. Your only concern? Follow the guide and make sure you do not miss any of the crisp details that it delivers you on the destination of the day.

Add to that the safe setting for a group trip and respite from the language barrier issues.

If you organize your group trip on your own, this meticulous planning will certainly require time and personal investment. But what are these compared to the great freedom to choose your route, your steps and your pace?

The group trip: for whom?

Do you think group travel is for seniors only? Think again! Unlike their “scheduled travel ”counterparts  , called FIT ( Free Independant Traveler ) or GIR (Individual Grouped Groups), group travel is the latest trend in the tour operator market .

The reasons for their success? 

They offer the fare benefits of a classic tour package, more freedom and fewer strangers! You travel on Toronto Airport Limo with your friends, your family, your colleagues … And avoid the grouchy, fussy and ” I know everything  ” travelers  who can create antagonisms within the group.

This formula appeals to both single people and couples without children, young or old.

Precautions to take to organize your group trip

The guarantees of the tour operator

In order to be able to register of travel and holiday operators, a tour operator must provide proof of financial guarantees, insurance and conditions related to professional aptitude. Make sure your travel agency is well aligned with this legal aspect.

Are you dealing with an operator based abroad? Do the latter respond to regulations in rigor in the country? What guarantee do you have in case of failure? Ask yourself the right questions before you leave.

Group insurance

As a group initiator, you are (partly) responsible for your co-travelers! To thwart the unexpected and travel serenely, consider taking out special group travel insurance .

Careful reading of the travel contract

Currency variation, fluctuating travel prices, non-compliant benefits, activities not included … Your travel contract can hide many surprises. Try to read between the lines (and the idyllic photos) to decode the details of the terms of sale.