Party till you drop at these 5 mind-blowing party destinations

A party bash is just the thing we need to take a break from our oh-so-busy lives. Music, dance, drinks, and care-free people – a place that has all these defines a party destination and the world has many of them. So pack your bags and plan a trip to any of the below party hotspots that would get your heart pumping to the music beats.

Las Vegas

Duh, cliché! I know you are rolling your eyes reading this. I mean, who doesn’t know that Las Vegas is hands down the best party destination? Notoriously known as the Sin City, this is the place to let yourself loose and party hard. Go crazy at a poolside party or shake a leg to the DJ’s music at a spectacular club; Las Vegas surely spoils you with choice.

New Orleans

 Ever heard of a city that closes its streets so that the party animals can party harder? New Orleans is that city. Mardi Gras is their annual festival celebrated on the Fat Tuesday and is a festival that is celebrated with much gusto. The free parades turn the city into an adult funfair where people are drinking ales to their heart’s content and having a merry time meeting new people. A party that is much like an enjoyable chaos, book your accommodation much in advance if you wish to attend this crazy festival.


 This list won’t do justice if it does not include a beach party destination. Ibiza in Spain is well-known as a party island. Here you will see people gulping down drinks at the clubs along the beach and partying hard in the nightclubs until dawn. An island which has the world’s biggest club in town is bound to be the craziest party hotspot. This high-end place might put hole in your pocket but the experience will be worth it.

Rio de Janeiro

 Attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and you will get to witness Brazil’s rich culture through parades and exotic dances. The streets turn into a circus where people drink, dance and have fun. The city clubs are buzzing with tourists during the festival who cut off loose and party here day and night. Not to miss during the festival is the Samba competition where you will see some of the best samba dancers showing off their best moves.


 Which “best party destinations” list will be complete without a mention of the spring break destinations. Infamous as they may be, these destinations are the ones to hold the wildest parties and Cancun in Mexico is no exception. This place sees some of the craziest spring breakers who drink all day during their stay in the city and throw caution to the wind. While this is the scenario during day time at the beach, the night sees people flooding the clubs and partying even harder.

We all know that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. If you want to break the monotony in your busy life, then plan a trip to any of these party destinations and return with some unforgettable memories of a lifetime.