The Top 5 Amenities at Luxury Resorts in Fiji

If you decide to take a vacation to Fiji, it is essential that you check out the resorts available and what packages and deals they offer. As you would expect, each resort comes with its own set of amenities, some of which may not necessarily be a priority to you. The substance of a resort majorly depends on its lineup of facilities. One of the outstanding resorts that gives you all the luxury and class in Fiji is Raiwasa Private Resort. The amenities you find here are so unique and customized that they blend seamlessly with the environment to give you an unforgettable experience.

If you are not sure where to begin looking for amenities in luxury resorts in Fiji, the following should start you off.

Dining Experience

When you take a vacation, one of the things you have the luxury of enjoying is not having to cook for yourself or family. Any world class luxury resort worth its salt should give you fantastic dining choices for casual meals or more formal dinners. Before you click on that button to book your resort in Fiji, take time to find out what dining options they offer. It is not amusing at all for you to get to a hotel only to find out that you have to dial a pizza to have a meal on-site.

Look Out Points

The beauty of Fiji is not just to be read in magazines. You should have an opportunity to sample the panoramic views of the neighboring islands and the clear blue waters. Find out if your resort has such vantage points which could be at the rooftop, on a deck or just a point from where you can see the setting of the sun and be filled with the aura of romance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Being far away in Fiji should not mean a total blackout from the goings on around the world. Check to see if the resorts you are considering have good Wi-Fi connectivity which you can access. Some of the resorts may indicate Wi-Fi connectivity available, but in a real sense, the connection is weak. Reading the reviews should tell you whether they are to be trusted on their word or not.

Relaxation Facilities

The reason why you are on a resort vacation is because you want to relax, take time out, or bond with your family. Therefore, facilities such as jacuzzis, heated pools, and other amenities are a must. Make inquiries beforehand and ask specific questions on the availability of these facilities. If you get a resort with a salon and spa, the better for you.

Boutique and Souvenir Shops

Essentials such as toothbrushes, shampoo, and toiletry items may not sound like big-ticket items, but missing out on them can cause real hassle. As bottles and aerosols are often banned on flights, it’s vital that you’re able to purchase them at your holiday destination. Resorts with boutiques and souvenir shops also offer the opportunity to buy a few things that will serve as a remembrance of the Fiji tradition and culture.

To add to the above five amenities, look out for money exchange facilities, babysitting services, cab services, and room servicing.