Benefits of a Portable Fridge Freezer for Camping

A portable fridge freezer offers several benefits to its users that are important to consider. Also known as travel coolers, portable fridges can keep your beverages and snacks cold when not at home. There are portable appliances that can be used in a car, a van, at a campsite, on a boat, during any sporting event, or even in a office along with a Cooler Bag.

A big 45L to 60L capacity is best, but you can also portable fridge freezer in other sizes. In a 60L capacity, you can easily store around 70 cans. You can use these fridges as a freezer or a refrigerator due to their variable temperature control. Most of the portable fridges come with easy to clean plastic lining and removable baskets.

Portable fridges online can be powered through your boat, car, or camper using a standard 12 volt DC cord, or at home using AC adaptor. As an added safety measure, you should choose a portable fridge that comes with a low voltage protector that automatically shuts off the power when the car battery is low.

Portable fridge freezer comes in various colors. Popular ones being red, grey, black and white. You can easily move the fridge from on place to another using side carrying handles. Many new models are now available with  stainless steel liners which work a treat , and look great with stainless steel barbecue grill on your patio or a deck. Many latest portable fridges have a digital thermometer with memory functions and a LED display.

Let’s have a close look at some of its benefits:

Extra Storage

Probably, the biggest benefit of portable fridges online is that you get extra storage space for chilling bottled drinks, slices of meat, or food. If you have trouble storing food in your home freezer, you can use portable fridge to store preferred food and drinks. This fridge can also be helpful if you want to defrost your fridge in your house. You can also use it to store your food and drinks when you are travelling, camping, or boating. Getting chilled drinks when you need them most is quite convenient, and also saves you money that you would have otherwise spend on buying them from the stores.

Energy-saving features

Most of the portable fridges have energy saving features and can preserve your goods without consuming too much of energy. If you have low storage needs, you can even use such as fridge at home, and soon you will start seeing a big change in your monthly energy bill. You could also use  Food Grade Ice pack in your Fridge which will help reduce the energy consumption when running.

Additional features

If you think that portable fridges online can only be used for keeping food cold, then you are wrong. You can also get fridges that have in-built heaters to keep your food warm! If you are on road, and want warm food, you can heat the food at home and store it in your portable fridge and choose the heater option to keep it warm and scrumptious. You could also use a few Dry ice packs in your Warmer to reduce the Power consumption .